Furio Cavallini or Bianciardi’s Crazy Horse

from 15 January to 13 February - Exhibition - Furio Cavallini or Bianciardi’s Crazy Horse, curators Elisa Favilli and Fabio Canessa

Luciano Bianciardi, writer, Furio Cavallini, painter: the story of a dialogue between those who share the same "tough job", between two writings, on page and canvas, becomes the perfect preview of Bianciardi's Centenary celebrations. For various exhibitions of Cavallini, the Grossetano writes the presentation, starting from the essential condition, friendship, for one who professes "non-critical". Because Bianciardi, a difficult intellectual, with features of apparent misanthropy, was actually a man of tenacious collaborations, convinced protagonist of a profound understanding between those who describe the world sincerly.

Opening Saturday, January 15 at 17.00 at the Polo Cultural Le Clarisse, via Vinzaglio 27, Grosseto

For information and opening time phone 0564 488066-067 or e-mail collezioneluzzetti@gmail.com