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Progetto Maremma nel Cuore
Progetto di promozione del territorio e dell'economia locale

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Progetto maremma nel Cuore

Last News


Giannutri, the island of Diana

Greek people called it Artemisia, Romans called it Dianium, celebrating Diana, the goddes of the...


Grosseto is a bike friendly city

Grosseto's Municipality has just obtained three bike smiles from ComuniCiclabili...


IPLACE project: a webinar on sustainable tourism

Up to 300 people from 12 different  countries from Europe have followed the second webinar...

Next Events

20 Apr

Massa Marittima E-bike Challenge

The first Bike Garage and More will be inaugurated on April 20th in Massa Marittima, a multifunctional space for funs of bycicle and slow...

24 Apr

Grosseto Tellings: The Natural History Museum

The cycle of free guided tours offered by Grosseto municipality in cooperation with Le Orme guides goes on with a visit to the Natural...

25 Apr

Arte Natura su 2 ruote

Arte Natura goes on two wheels. The first excursion will take place on April 25th and will lead you from Grosseto to the Natural Parl of...