A new crib exhibition!

An exhibition of cribs in the galleries of the Medici Fortress from 8 December to 6 January 2022.

This important proposal arises from the collaboration between the Institution "Le Mura" and Caritas Diocesan of Grosseto and is part of the initiative "Al Cassero... It’s Christmas", at the Bastion Fortress of the Medici Walls of Grosseto that from 8 to 24 December will become the Santa Claus Village with countless events for children and families.

The cribs will remain exposed until 6 January 2022.

The crib itself is an explicit reference to the faith dimension of Christmas and for this reason the institution "Le Mura and Caritas Diocesan of Grosseto" want to offer participants a context of absolute prestige, one of the access tunnels to the Fortress, The Troniera called "Archers", very suggestive location where the exposure of cribs, even large, will be a pleasant stop for visitors who will appreciate the works on display.

Participation in the creation and exhibition of cribs is open to all: private individuals, families, associations, organizations, groups, public institutions, parishes, schools, recreation centers. The cribs must have a minimum of 1 square meter, but we will be really happy to accommodate cribs of even more important size!


For information and registration please contact the following numbers:

Institution Le Mura 0564/488083/084 or from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00

or by e-mail to lemura@comune.grosseto.it

The registration form can be downloaded from the website https://lemuradigrosseto.it press review section