Longobardi: cultura, società, potere, economia

Dear friends of the MAAM,

We communicate an interesting initiative that will take place on 26 and 27 May in Grosseto: the Conference "Lombards: culture, society, power, economy".

"The event is divided into two days that include two different sections. On May 26, the topics will be culture and society and will be an opportunity to address innovative scientific approaches (including archaeogenetics) that allow to reconsider the migration and social structure of the communities following the Lombards and, indirectly, to reread with new eyes also the available information on the eclectic cultural profile and on the more traditional aspects of the bringing of this people, integrating religion, rituals and language. On the second day, May 27, will be the protagonists of new archaeological research on the seats of power (castra, royal and ducal courts) and on the currency in the Lombard era that suggest a strong initiative of the leaders of power in the political organization-institutional of the kingdom and in economic policies. Within it we will see how different strategies emerge between the kingdom and the duchies".

The event, organized by the MAAM, is free admission subject to availability and will take place at the Aula Magna del Polo Universitario Grossetano, strada Ginori, 43. Participants will be issued the certificate of participation.

Conference organized with: contribution of the Municipality of Grosseto Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture, General Direction Museums, Municipality of Grosseto, Catholic University of Milan, Department of Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage (UNISI), Barbaric Archaeology, Society of Italian Medieval Archaeologists, Chamber of Commerce of Maremma and Tyrrhenian, Promocultura.

Information: tel: 0564-488752 from Tuesday to Friday: Tuesday to Friday 10,30-17,00 • Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10,00-13,00/16,00-19,00; or write to: accoglienzamaam@gma




  • Museo Archeologica e d'Arte della Maremma, p.zza Baccarini, 3