Guided tours to Biennale dello Scarto

Contemporary art is on display in the historic center of Grosseto and three large ants have arrived in the Fortezza Medicea. "The three ants" is a work by the artist Rodolfo Lacquaniti, about six meters by three, inspired by the extraordinary ability of ants to solve problems when searching for food. Ants were made from scraps of used inflatable boats, reminiscent of immigrants' travels in the Mediterranean. As always Lacquaniti is present in the history of our times. He had already made the Ark in the past to express his outrage at the journeys of death. Pope Francis himself often speaks of the Mediterranean as a huge cemetery.
From 2 July to 15 October there are guided tours of the Cassero lasting about an hour and 20 (cost 8 euro per person) on Saturday and Sunday, and also on 10 and 15 August, in two time bands: at 18.30 and at 20. In October the entrance times will be at 16.30 and 18. The visit involves the Sienese formwork, the underground and the panoramic terrace and it will be possible to see two installations that are part of the "Biennale dello Scarto" the exhibition of Rodolfo #Laquaniti: "Ants" and "Girl on unidentified object".
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  • Cassero Senese, Grosseto