Scansano, Loc. Perazzeta, 59
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I lecci, a unique estate by nature and vocation. fonte tinta, the ancient source of the cradle of mediterranean civilization, with the colors of innovation. the estate i lecci, is situated in the heart of the ancient land of the etruscans, in maremma, facing the tyrrhenian sea, in the southwest of tuscany, in the municipality of scansano, famous in the world for its notorious and appreciated morellino, produced only in this area, recognized and protected by the homonym corsorzio del morellino di scansano. the estate i lecci, extends for 40 hectares of olive groves and 60 hectares of vineyards, soon 65. at the center of the vineyards is situated an ancient etruscan source, still active. with its atavistic and precious waters, for over two thousand years has been watering our vines, and still does so and also gives the name to our five wines, fonte tinta (dye source), currently produced: fonte tinta rosso di toscana igt (pgi), three reds (source tinta morellino di scansano docg (controlled and warranted designations of origins), fonte tinta rosso di toscana igt, fonte tinta san giovese igt(pgi) and two whites (fonte tinta vermentino di toscana igt (pgi) and fonte tinta viogner di toscana igt (pgi). the ancient source continues, thanks to a drip irrigation system, to enrich our vines with its precious water and integrates, in perfect synergy, complex and sophisticated advanced technologies applied at the vineyards. since 1990, the farm "i lecci", one of the companies owned by the farsighted milaneschi family and a member of the morellino di scansano consortium, since its foundation in 1992, has not ceased to grow, thanks to the perfect integration between nature, tradition, history and modernity and continuous innovation supported by important investments. thanks to its privileged geographical position, with its vineyards exposed to the south-west enjoying the beauty, the light and the favorable microclimate of the tyrrhenian sea, together with investments in new cutting-edge technologies for quality control, aimed at choosing the very each individual grain of grapes and more, is continuously developing. infact the next target is the international market: bringing the fonte tinta morellino di scansano docg and all its excellent vines fonte tinta rosso di toscana igt, fonte tinta san giovese igt, fonte tinta vermentino di toscana igt and fonte tinta viogner di toscana igt all over the world. the excellence of its wines is unquestionably recognized both at national and international extends, by world-renowned expert oenologists' juries and on the occasion of the most important events in the world of wine. in 2016, the fonte tinta morellino di scansano docg won the first prize of the wine competition in classic blind tasting mode, sponsored by the consortium and the municipality of scansano, before a jury composed of international oenologists, out of a total of 120 participants. in hong kong and london, on the occasion of the decanter, the already awarded, fonte tinta morellino di scansano docg,, this time accompanied by one of the two whites produced by i lecci, the fonte tinta vermentino di toscana igt , win the silver medal in 2016 and bronze medal, as shown in the certifications. for any further information you might wish to know, please do not hesitate co contact us, via mail or telephone, or to personally come to our estate, where, by previous appointment, you will be welcomed by our ancient hospitality and guided among the millennial rows, bathed by the fonte tinta, source of the history of our ancestral etruscan roots, to walk together towards the future with a the glass half full.

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