Biblioteca di Storia dell'Arte di Montemerano

The Art History Library of Montemerano was inaugurated on 1 November 2012 following a donation of 6500 books by the art historian Marilena Pasquali. It now houses a rich collection of art history volumes and thanks to other donations, the collection now totals nearly 8000.

The Library is managed by the “Academia del Libro” (Book Academy) Association. The Association, in addition to managing the library, plays a very important part by organizing of cultural events that with artistic and literary themes.

For information and contacts:

Tel. 0564.176.01.01 Fax. 0564 60.28.12



The Art Nouveau building was built by Pirro Pratesi between 1926 and 1928 and reflects the artistic expression of the Maremma of the time; the movement was slow to reach the area and indeed survived long after the end of the First World War. The entryway bears the emblem of Baschi family, medieval lords of Montemerano, with their motto: “SILICA FORTIOR EX, EX ADIPE UBERIOR”.


  • Montemerano Fermi, 58014 Manciano GR, Italia