Discover Tuscany Maremma's treasures

Discover Tuscany Maremma's treasures
Today we start a series of video interviews with museums, cultural institutions, parks and natural reserves' directors and leading figures, to discover how Maremma cultural heritage is being preserved and narrated in this time of emergency, for the covid-19 pandemic.

Let's discover Tuscany Maremma's treasures!
The video interviews will be made available through the official social media channels, the QuiMaremmaToscana video gallery and updated every time on this very page.

Museum Director phd Chiara Valdambrini, narrates the online and offline activities proposed by the institution during the lockdown and future projects.

With the second interview, we meet phd Mauro Papa, Director of Polo Culturale Le Clarisse. Let's discover the ongoing projects and the relationship that's being built throgh social media channels with the public.

In the second interview, phd. Andrea Sforzi, Natural History Museum of Maremma's Director, clearly outlines the Museum's targt public, illustrating how scientific information had an important role during the covid crisis, also detailing ongoing projects for the Museum.

In the third interview, phd Lucia Venturi, President of Maremma Natural Park, illustrates the activites planned during the lockdown period and new projects for the Park.

In the fifth interview, phd Simona Rafanelli, Director of the Civic Archaeologic Museum Isidoro Falchi in Vetulonia, details museum activities during the lockdown and all the new suprises to welcome visitors back.

  • 01 june 2020 - Discover Maremma in Bicycle!

In the sixth interview, we talk with Angelo Fedi, president of FIAB association, how bicycle is the evergreen icon of freedom. In the last years it comes back as a protagonist in Moremma, where new bike paths have been opened to enahnce the local tourism offer.

In the seventh interview, we discover the Maremma Museums Network, the institution devoted to promote and develop the system of Museums in Maremma Tuscany. Coordinator phd Roberta Pieraccioli, details project and novel ideas to reopen Meseums and Cultural activities to the public

  • 11 june 2020 - Discover Maremma in contemporary literature.

In the eight interview, we talk about books, literature, and stories about Maremma Tuscany with the native maremman, grosseto-born, writer Alessandro Angeli, detailing his ties with the town and land, and the importance of a contemporary writer such as Luciano Bianciardi had on literature and the discovery of Maremma Tuscany through his work.